The Corporation (2003, directed by Mark Achbar)

Before viewing the film, review discussion of ethics and business decision making. After viewing the film, please write an essay that addresses some or all of the following issues in the film: What role do corporations play in American society? What role should they play? Do corporations have ethical responsibilities beyond making money for their shareholders? If so, what and why? What happens when a corporation’s ethical responsibility to maximize profit conflicts with its ethical responsibilities to its employees, to the community, or to the environment? What examples from the film illustrate that point? How has the American legal system changed over the past 150 years to adapt to changes in corporate culture? Did the film change your perceptions of how law and business interact? If so, how? Was this film biased? If so, how? All papers must be at least 5 pages in length and no more than 8.

Do not merely regurgitate the film’s plot; instead, focus your essay on thoughtful, original analysis of the questions above. 

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The Corporation (2003, directed by Mark Achbar)
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You do not have to answer all of the questions – I prefer depth of analysis over breadth. 


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