The Contribution in the Field of Psychology

1-All about the contribution in the field of psychology with psychologist Sigmund Freud: As Sigmund Freud was Austrian neurologist and he was the famous founder for psychology field and that the reason, he known as Psychoanalysis and while the years of psychology he was a dominating school of concept and still quietly strong.
His age was around 73-year-old and his birth date was May 6, 1856 and he died in September 23, 1939. Freud’s show with a group of therapeutic skills work on talk therapy and its useful for scheme for example dream clarification, free relationship and transference. The work of Sigmund Freud on psychology, as exoteric culture also used his ideas and there were topics for epitome, Freudian slips, denial and completion of unconscious wish, moreover the attitude is also used in language which used in daily routine.
The great impression and famous psychologist of the twenty century, Sigmund Freud was on number three and he was popularly known as founder of psychanalysis, there was the study and theory of psychosexual development and the Id, superego ego, Free relationship and Dream clarification.

Contribution in the field of psychology: There is no inquiry that Sigmund Freud had a plentiful effect on the psychology field, paying little heed to the impression of his chance. Through his work and hypothesis, he mentioned that every single change and sickness is not based on psychology. Such as, he establishes the social qualifications which effect on science and conduct.
Sigmund Freud’s training and compositions added to our understanding of identity, medical psychology, human improvement, and uncommon psychology. He was the beginner of psychology school in Austria. As There were many psychologists impressed by Sigmund and his daughter. In 1896, Sigmund Freud was the one of person who used the condition of psychoanalysis. By that time his theory was showed up.
The theory of normal and abnormal didn’t make by Sigmund Freud but he was the one of person who made them popular. Freud won this with the help of his theory of mental reality: id, personality, and superego.
2-I admire him and selection of him for my presentation-There are number of reasons to choose that person and admire as his popularity for psychology was the famous mandate thinker and psychologist of the twenty century and he got third position in this field. Sigmund Freud displayed the theory of personally improvement, and that controversial image structured by struggle with three fundamental ways of human brain: id, ego and superego.
That is the reason, I feel that, these three formed develops as kids improving their personality, as victorious raising to adept of child and every form is important for it, moreover the timing and timetable in every develops is very necessary for kids to victoriously arrive rising adulthood. Also, with the help of his theory and work that clarify, there is no connection between mental issues with psychological reasons and individuals can get recognize personality by him or herself.
3- The psychologist Sigmund Freud and his work based on this course: In this course, we have covered Sigmund Freud adding the normal and personality. He emphasized that significant of the abnormal mind and a major expectation of Freud theory is that the unconscious brain handles the behavior to biggest degree than people are not believing.
The convert unconscious mind into conscious is aim of psychanalysis: Sigmund Freud believe that there are different three levels to consciousness for epitome: precocious, conscious and unconscious.

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The Contribution in the Field of Psychology
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Conscious- In present time, which we are doing with active mind that called conscious and its impressed our personalities and behaviors. The ideas, feelings and memories for that we are aware (Hubbard 2018).
Preconscious- Nowadays we are not aware for sudden situations or problems, but there is good thing we are able to be a conscious and get awareness to handle these problems, also for all us
feelings and memories as well ideas, we cannot think consciously but still we can convert into conscious awareness (Hubbard, 2018).
Unconscious- Nowadays, what activities we are doing without awareness that called unconscious and still we can influence our feelings, memories and thoughts. Our all unpleasant memories even aim and wishes that are not included in consciousness (Hubbard 2018).

According to Freud’ theory and his three fundamentals which reflect our mind-id, superego and ego: –

Id- when we want something like I want chocolate ice-cream and cake same time (Id).
Superego- when my mind saying I do not have money for both things(superego).
Ego-when ego decided that once I can have one thing another one I will buy another day. (Ego).

4- Sigmund Freud and his work related to your everyday life;
Examples 1st -As according to Freud’ theory of personality, behavior and development same as my ECE field I must get information about all these things as well I can understand about child’s need and interest with that I can plan activities for them also children can improve their confidence level.
2nd -As we have different levels of mind for examples, when I am conscious for my exam I read and learn properly because my mind is aware but if I am unconscious that time I cannot ready anything for exam and same time I am thinking about other situations, however if I am preconscious , that time I can convert my mind into conscious and can work on my exact task.
3rd- According to Freud’ three fundaments id, superego and ego with this I can judge about my situation, like I want to eat pizza(id) but same time I have to buy a book for study(superego) at time my ego make me understand I do not have enough money so first I have to buy book and next time I can eat pizza(ego), its very useful for me.
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