The Biogas Production Worldwide Environmental Sciences Essay

Energy is a necessary accompaniment of human being. Basically, there exist assorted beginnings of energy like coal and other crude oil merchandises that are commercially exploited for many utile grounds. These fossil fuels have become a strong pillar of the economic system and it has penetrated so deep in the mechanism of human life that it has become about impossible to believe of a universe running without fossil fuel. Yet it is a fact that this beginning of energy will non last everlastingly. Once, fossil fuels were available copiously and at low monetary values. However, nowadays its monetary value is high rocketing on the international market and it is besides going really scarce. The immediate consequence of this is that the universe is confronting the phenomena of rising prices and lifting monetary values. Furthermore, today there is an energy crisis that has arisen due to the fright that the blessings of fossil fuel may turn into a curse with its disappearing. In add-on, the combustion of fossil fuels releases C dioxide and other toxic gases in the ambiance and a direct effect of this is planetary heating.
1.1 Background
Energy and energy resources can be known to be the anchor for endurance on Earth. Peoples are to a great extent dependent on assorted energy beginnings like coal or fossil fuels so as to run into up with their day-to-day needs whether it is in the power sector, the transit sector or for cookery and warming intents and about 88 % of this demand is met by fossil fuels ( Peter Weiland, 2009 ) . It is predicted that the usage of dodo dodos will come near to exceling oil ingestion by 2017 ( IEA, 2012 ) . On the other manus, nursery gases ( GHGs ) emanations in the environment are besides increasing quickly, with C dioxide being the highest subscriber. Another planetary energy challenge is the depletion of fossil fuels. Due to the increasing demand, the handiness of the fuel is diminishing. In add-on, conventional oil and gas militias are largely found in politically unstable states, doing its easiness of usage less accessible.

In this context, biogas can be derived from wastes, carnal manure or energy harvests so as to run into with the increasing energy demand in the hereafter. Biogas can be defined as a versatile renewable energy beginning which can replace fossil fuels in the power and heat production sector and in the transit sector. It has the capacity to replace natural gas besides for bring forthing chemicals and liquefied crude oil gas for cooking intents.
Table.1: comparing of heat values and efficiency of normally used fuels with biogas ( Nabard, 2007 )
Normally used fuels
Calorific values in kg Calories
Thermal efficiency
60 %
11 %
66 %
50 %

Biogas production through anaerobiotic digestion ( AD ) procedure has many advantages over other bioenergy signifiers. It is one of the most energy- efficient and environmentally friendly bioenergy engineerings. It non merely reduces the emanation of nursery gases drastically compared to fossil fuels, but it besides produces high class fertiliser as by- merchandise.
1.1.1 Biogas production worldwide
In the field of biogas, Germany has built itself a universe top taking place. In 2006, it built 826 biogas systems to a sum increased production unit of 3700, hence doing Germany the figure one biogas- based energy manufacturer ( Energy solutions, 2012 ) .
Figure.1: assorted substrates available in Germany holding the possible energy accumulated for biogas production ( Baltic Biogas Bus Project, 2012 )
The worldaa‚¬a„?s biogas market is predicted to make $ 8.98 billion by the twelvemonth 2017, with the desire to cut down dependence on fossil fuels and to concentrate on eco- friendliness biogas plans ( GIA, 2012 ) .
Latin America is besides good known for its biogas engineering in municipal natural sewerage intervention and landfill gas engineering. It has identified 25 types of wastes for biogas production. The state has 33 R & A ; D undertakings and since 1977, five undertakings have already been implemented to bring forth biogas from healthful landfills. Latin America produces about 217 million M3 per twelvemonth which is largely used for cookery, illuming, vehicle fuel and town gas. ( H.Naveau, 1993 )
Furthermore, the biogas market has grown quickly in the recent old ages for the cogeneration of heat and power and for the production of bio- methane to be used as vehicle fuel. In the European Union ( EU ) , 17 % of all the energy will hold to be produced from renewable beginnings, and in the conveyance sector it has to make 10 % of the entire harmonizing to the European Directive 2009/28/EC, therefore doing biogas the feasible solution to make this mark.
The grounds for holding a spread out on the biogas energy market includes an addition in demand for distributed coevals, terrible environmental regulations originating due to tonss of pollution and an accelerating addition in substructure and vehicle build out accommodating with natural gas. Harmonizing to Pike Research, this fast- turning market reached $ 17.3 billion in planetary gross in 2011, and this will about duplicate by 2022 to an sum of $ 33.1 billion ( Globe- Internet, 2012 ) .
Figure 1. : Biogas market value by parts ( Pike Research, 2012 )
1.1.2 Energy sector in Mauritius
Mauritius is an island holding no oil, coal militias or natural gas. It is to a great extent dependent on imported energy resources. The Ministry of Renewable Energy and Public Utilities ( MPU ) is responsible for the energy policy including energy, H2O and effluent in the island. The Central Board of Electricity ( CEB ) occupies the coevals, transmittal, distribution and sale of electricity and the State Trading Corporation ( STC ) import crude oil merchandises like gasoil, fuel oil and LPG.
With the addition in criterion of life, industrialisation, population growing and more development in the transit sector, the energy demand is mounting at an exponential rate in Mauritius. We are going an energy dependent society and as per the graph below, the exportation of gas oil will be more than doubled by the twelvemonth 2025.
Table 1. : Imports of energy beginnings in Mauritius in 2011 ( Energy and H2O statistics, 2011 )
Energy beginning
2011 ( Ktoe )
Diesel oil
Figure1.3: Prognosis of petroleumn merchandise imports in Mauritius ( Outline Energy Policy, 2007 )
Furthermore, with the depletion of the energy beginnings, the monetary value of the fuel are augmenting, therefore doing it more hard to afford. Hence, to avoid an energy crisis in the hereafter, other signifiers of energy resources need to be exploited which is environmentally friendly and has an infinite modesty.
Figure 1.4: Tendency in monetary value of exported fuel from 2002 to 2011 ( Energy and H2O statistics, 2011 )
The figures above demonstrate how Mauritius depends greatly onto dodo fuels, and this tendency is traveling to increase in the old ages to come. Hence, new options need to be found so as to fit with this increasing demand. However, the surrogate options should be in line with the Maurice Ile Durable ( MID ) construct ; a renewable and environmentally friendly beginning.
In each and every place in the Mauritanian society, one makes usage of LPG for cooking intents. The existent monetary value of the gas cylinder is Rs540. If the authorities maintains the monetary value at Rs330 for consumers, the STC will hold to look for Rs 820 million for subsidy. This is due to the increasing monetary value of butane and propane in the planetary market. Hence, to rectify this, cooking gas can be obtained locally from anaerobiotic digestion of organic waste to bring forth biogas. It fits in the MID, whereby harmonizing to Pr de Rosnay, 37 % of electricity will come from biomass/biogas by 2028.
1.2 Rationale
In Mauritius, we are already a dodo fuel dependent society. Hence, to cut down this job of dependence on the already consuming resource, we can concentrate on the usage of biogas at our place itself. Furthermore, with the construct of the MID, we are following a renewable energy beginning, which in the class of clip can spread out to the production of electricity.
Besides, we already have the job of overfilling of our landfill at Mare- Chicose. Thus, by utilizing our family organic waste, we non merely bring forth utile cookery gas, but we besides has as by- merchandise a high class fertiliser and we are relieving the job of our landfill.
In add-on, by change overing the gas into methane to be used for cookery intents, big sums of C dioxide are non emitted in the environment, therefore protecting our planet from planetary heating. And besides, we are flinging much of the waste from the environing into utile merchandises.
Last, with the enlargement of the biogas energy system in our state, more occupations can be created in the field of energy, whereby Mauritius can subsequently be self- sufficient in the production of cooking gas and finally in the production of electricity, therefore cut downing on imports.
1.3 Purposes and Aims
The purpose of this undertaking is to bring forth an improved biogas system that can be adopted in a family for cooking intents along with implementing its safety processes. To accomplish this, the aims identified are:
To hold an apprehension of the operation of the procedure to bring forth equal biogas for cookery.
To better the biogas system by modifying the old set- up
To optimise the system by concentrating on:
Design of the system
Ratio of substrate to be used
Conditionss to see to prefer biogas production
To modify a cookery range so as it can run on biogas.
To do research lab proving to find the methane composing in the biogas and the warming value.
To analyze the hazards and safety procedures associated with the digester and to implement it.
To do an appraisal of the sum of gas produced for cookery intents
1.4 Structure of study
Chapter one- Introduction
This chapter introduces the undertaking rubric and gives an overview of energy tendency in Mauritius and worldwide and the purpose and aims of the undertaking.
Chapter Two- Literature Review
The types of anaerobiotic digestion procedure to bring forth biogas and the factors impacting the procedure are discussed, along with the production of biogas in the island. Besides, the safety and hazards associated with the system are identified.
Chapter Three- Methodology
The methods undertaken to build the reactor and analytical testing of the provender and merchandise of the biogas system are considered.
Chapter Four- Design and Construction
The stuffs of building and cost analysis are assessed.
Chapter Five- Results and Discussions
The economic analysis and findings from analytical trials are observed and discussed.
Chapter Six- Safety Implementation
The safety safeguards that need to be applied to the biogas system are discussed.
Chapter Seven- Conclusion, Recommendation, Future works
A sum-up of the purposes of the undertaking is made and some recommendations and future work are mentioned for betterments.

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