The Art and Science of Persuasion Paper (Social Psychology)

To prepare for this assignment, please read the Harnessing the Science of Persuasion article.
Persuasion is oftentimes considered an art, but it is based on the psychological science of social influence. With knowledge of the key principles that undergird this process, you may become a savvier consumer. You may also find ways to implement these strategies effectively in your personal and professional life.
Before beginning your paper, select one of the six fundamental principles identified in Cialdini (2014).

Assemble at least three advertisements, commercials, or personal experiences/observations that illustrate this principle. Do not use examples from the course resources.

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The Art and Science of Persuasion Paper (Social Psychology)
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Submit your examples (paste ads into the document, include URL links, and/or provide a synopsis), along with a one paragraph description of each clearly indicating how the advertisement, commercial, or personal experience/observation illustrates the selected principle.

Then, in your paper,

Examine in depth how social psychological principles of persuasion are relevant, citing scholarly research (which may include course resources) on the specific principle you are addressing in your analysis.
Identify characteristics of the communicator, the message, and the target audience, considering key situational and contextual factors.
Produce a plan to intentionally enhance persuasiveness.

What are various alternative principles and/or techniques one might employ effectively?

Discuss ethical issues relevant to the collected examples, as well as your own persuasive plan.
Apply this insight to your own personal or professional life. Specifically, how might you utilize this insight moving forward?

The Art and Science of Persuasion paper


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