terrorism research 2

You are a senior officer in the U.S. Border Patrol and  your intelligence   group has received a warning that a terrorist cell is planning  to launch an      aerial biological attack across the southern borders of the United  States, but    the information you received does not identify a specific border  area    crossing   point; therefore, you must create a plan to identify all probable     entry points   along the massive stretch of land that borders along Mexico and    the  United   States. Additionally, you must plan to mitigate any attacks that    could  occur.   Numerous scenarios can be identified, which include attacks by    air, land,  or  by  pre-planted improvised explosive devices, as well by other    methods   designed  to  release the biological hazard into the air or the local    water  supply   system.  
 Your job is to identify all possible situations and provide a plan that   will efficiently inspect and monitor each threatened area  as well as possible    sources of attack. Can you simply shut down all small plane traffic in the     area?  Could the biological hazard already be in place? Could the biological     hazard be  transported across the border through tunnels? What cities are     probable targets  for such attacks? What plans can you develop to ensure     protection for all these  cities? How far north can such attacks  penetrate?        
Your plan must include identification of all possible  scenarios as well  as your response plan based on the worst-case scenario  providing proper response to the area or areas suffering from the attack as well  as how you plan  to protect first responders and healthcare facilities during and  after the  attack. 
Also, for this assignment, you must include three sources.

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terrorism research 2
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