Term Paper (DUE IN 7 HOURS i.e. due today at 11pm)


As Part of the course, Students must write a 3-5-page paper. A minimum of Five credible sources must   be used for the paper one of which must be a primary source. All sources must be from either credible   books or journal articles. Encyclopaedias, Wikipedia, dictionaries, and web pages, WILL NOT BE   ACEPPTED. All sources must be approved by the instructor. An outline with a   thesis statement must be turned in an approved by the instructor. Your research paper should be an   organized presentation of ideas relevant to the topic you have selected. And, while some of the sources of information you use may present a biased or   one-sided view of some issue, your   job, as a history student, is to present an objective analysis of the topic.   Therefore, you will not only be organizing and summarizing the reference   materials used, you will also be evaluating them in terms of their   contribution to an objective understanding of the topic of your   research. Your introduction and thesis   should State clearly the of your research. For example, whether you are   describing some historical event (Such as the Seven Years War) or exploring   the causes and consequences of some historical event (Such as the Salem Witch   Trials), make it clear to your   reader from the beginning what you are doing. Follow through with the   purpose(s) stated in your opening paragraphs through-out the paper. Avoid   including material that is not really relevant to the topic or purpose(s) of   your paper the attached rubric gives an outline of grading criteria. Please also see the attached example of an   “A” Your paper will be graded   on its coherency, its analysis of the sources, style, format and credibility.   Sources should be cited in your paper, and no paper should have more than 10%   of it as quotes or cited information. This should be YOUR work, NOT something   solely contrived from other sources. 

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Term Paper (DUE IN 7 HOURS i.e. due today at 11pm)
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