Technology & Classroom Organization


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Technology & Classroom Organization
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Create your own blog or website and write about your favorite classroom management/administrative resources (both what you have used or would like to).

Suggested Resources:

After you have created your blog/website and wrote at least two entries discussing your favorite resources, please take a screen shot of your computer screen with your blog/website. Copy and paste this into a word processing document, which you will submit from your assignment page. If you are not sure how to take a screen shot, please go to the “help” feature on your computer or do a quick Internet search on “how to take a screen shot” on your computer (Mac or PC).

In addition to your screen shot, please include the following in your document:

  1. Where your blog/website can be located (web address)
  2. Your experience/issues creating the blog/website
  3. You will need to visit and comment on at least two other teachers’ blogs/website. Which teachers’ site did you visit? What did you see? Comments?
  4. Would you use this technology in your classroom? If not, why? If so, in what ways?

All homework assignments should be 3-5 pages in length and submitted in APA format (which includes a title page and references). Please be sure to utilize your course textbooks and outside resources to strengthen your position.

Technology & Classroom Organization Paper Grading RubricCriterionPts.1. Includes a snapshot and discusses the experiences of the creation of the website/blog(25 pts)2. Discusses teachers’ blogs/websites.(25 pts)3. Includes two entries about the resources used(25 pts)4. Paper meets the minimum page requirement (minimum of 3-5 pages of written work-not including title and reference page); includes outside resources to support points (please utilize your texts and scholarly research); submitted in APA format (which includes title and reference page); and is submitted on time(25 pts)


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