Technical communication in english

Ping Dunn Technical Communication – definition ETC is the theory and practice of effective info exchange at work- working communication ETC is a sub-discipline of communication studies (CSS) that deal with the processes of transmitting or exchanging info other sub-dish. Mass communication, mass media com, business com, health com, etc. ETC Is more general In theory than other sub-disciplines of CSS mass, health and business com deal with only one profession ETC is widely applied to the com. Activities In many professions except literature The reminisces and skills of ETC Is also applicable In other languages, not only English The purposes: 2 major – to inform- enables audience to understand info -to persuade – to convince audience to accept Idea ETC is not for the purpose to appreciate art or literature or drama What is effective communication? II. Features of modern communication Our age is the age of info. No technology – no work, life.
Typical features of MS – we have too much Info to deal with – we have to handle multidisciplinary info that we do not understand We cannot hanged the features in modern communication But we can change out language to make it work for us. We can make It simpler and easier. How to improve our language for effective communication? Ill. Pragmatic rules In ETC Deft: Rules of Language in use concerning the application of language audiences – in specific contexts – for particular purposes These rules work In specific conditions – to intend Rule 1: Follow the time order in process description: what happens first, comes first. OFF There exist different pragmatic rules of language in specific contexts. Sentences of he same meaning but different structures may affect the efficiency of communication. The objective of ETC is to put the pragmatic rules into practice so as to increase the efficiency of communication at work. IV. Three Essential Criteria of ETC 1. Comprehensibility 2. Usability 3. Accessibility 1 .
Comprehensibility (easy to understand) Expressing info so the audience can understand it quickly and accurately English thinking process is lenient – like a line – easier to understand the Active better than the Passive Passive voice slows down thinking process and decreases efficiency Rule 1: Avoid using passive voice whenever possible Rule 2: Avoid using the “weak-verb + multinational” structure Rule 3: Avoid using noun-string pre-modifiers To increase comprehensibility of info you should learn technical rhetoric in writing. . Usability (Easy to use) Definition: Expressing your idea in a way that the audience can follow it to complete the task. Readers of MAT fall into three categories – professionals of the discipline – professionals of related disciplines – general readers or average people Technical writing is a writer-responsible writing It is the writers’ responsibility to make their writing easy for all readers to use.

To make your writing useful to the reader, you should conduct audience analysis: audience’s education: write according to the lowest level education of your predicted audience; professional experience, cultural background, emotion and motivation: be reader-friendly, know your audience 3. Acceptability (Easy to find) Definition: Enabling your audience to find what they want quickly and accurately from large amounts of info. 1. A world-wall writing 2. A structured-writing or info-map

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Technical communication in english
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