Taste the Gustatory System

The Enlightenment is an era where intellectuals movement in culture changed the way people viewed the world around them, during a time when Londoner saw their city become engulf in flames on the morning of 2 September, 1666. Strong winds coming from the east quickly caused the fire to spread, some 300 houses were burning at rapid amount of time”; the event once described as “London was, but is no more. “(Assayer 2nd peg. 766) Not only had the flames taken most of what Landowner’s had lilt, it also came on the heels of a great plague that claimed thousands of lives earlier.

Over the course of the next century, London would raise from its ashes and proper as city its known today, as one writer would be quoted saying: “London is the Centre to which almost all the individuals who fill the upper and middle ranks of society are successively attracted (Assayer 2nd De. peg. 766). Over the course of time, in what some might say the end of the Civil War, one very important issue still stood: ND that was “how to best govern the nation. “(Assayer 2nd peg. 68) Thomas Hobbes work had lead him to voice concern that people worry about two things In particular- the fear that someone could take their lives and the grittiness of individuals and their need of empowerment, for that the government role is to see that no such thing happen. But not all agreed with what Thomas Hobbes was teaching; John Locke argued that people are At birth the human mind Is at a untaught state and that over time our surroundings and

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Taste the Gustatory System
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