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Task analysis | Education homework help
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INDIVIDUAL: 10 y/o male with Down’s Syndrome 

SKILL: SPARK fitness activity –  shooting a basketball freethrow


1. Description of disability, benefits of activity
2. Find experts in your community who can help you learn.(Miami-Dade, FL) Develop interview questions for experts who can help you
become more knowledgeable about the disability and teaching the sport/skill. Turn in (a) name and organization of
experts you found, and (b) list of interview questions.(eight questions)
3. Identify facility and environmental elements needed for individual to fully participate as independently as possible.
Describe “barrier free” design elements for maximum independence from transportation drop off to “field of play”.
4. What are the communication issues specific to the individual’s disability? How will you determine the individual’s
best learning process? How will you determine your best teaching process for this individual? Describe how you
determined your best teaching technique.
5. Describe any adaptive equipment that can enhance user’s participation in the activity. Find out where the equipment
can be purchased, what the average cost is. (IF APPLICABLE)
6. Describe appropriate accommodations for individual to fully participate in an inclusive environment. Include
adaptations to rules, equipment, the environment, communication, and personal assistance.
7. Find (a) the closest facility to you where the individual can participate in the activity. What (b) transportation options
exist in this community for the individual to get from home to the facility?
8. Create a list of community resources with short descriptions, for this individual and their family, including support

Two to three pages please


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