System Safety Engineering


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System Safety Engineering
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System Safety Engineering.


Leveson, N. G. (2011). Engineering a safer world: Systems thinking applied to safety. Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Unit VIII Homework

Operations Safety Management Plan

– Review the information in your textbook (Leveson, 2011, pp. 412-414) related to the Operations Safety Management Plan design.

–  Review the Figure C.1 depiction of a sample Safety Control Structure in your textbook (Leveson, 2011, p. 500).

– Review and use a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed journal articles from the CSU Online Library (Academic Search Complete) to support your design work.

Option 1: Design an Operations Safety Management Plan for your own organization or an organization that is familiar to you.

Option 2: Design an Operations Safety Management Plan for a bulk tank railcar off-loading facility for hydrocarbon products that has the following features:

A one railcar switch located next to an interstate highway,

B . capacity to off-load both liquid hydrocarbon products and liquefied, compressed, natural gas products,

C . two 500,000-gallon bulk liquid storage tanks for liquid hydrocarbon products,

D . two 45,000-gallon bullet-styled, horizontal, liquid storage tanks for liquefied, compressed natural gas


E . one off-loading station (single-sided) that is elevated 12 feet from the ground,

F. one flare for over-pressurized gas tank railcars,

G. one 3,000-gallon condensation storage tank, and

H. one switch engine for staging railcars at the off-loading station and at railcar storage tracks.

Using the CSU APA-styled paper as a formatting template, design a minimum eight-page Operations Safety Management Plan with a minimum of five (5) scholarly sources (books and articles) using the following APA Level 1 headings:

General Considerations

2. Safety Organization

3. Procedures

4. Schedule

5. Safety Information System

6. Operations Hazard Analysis

7. Evaluation and Planned Use of Feedback for System Maintenance

8. Safety Control Structure Diagram (Design a Safety Control Structure Diagram for your work system and use as the content.


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