Required to take the decision-making workshop and after that write this letter of understanding. 
This letter should include my account of the following: 

1. The specific decision-making process that led to your Academic Misconduct violation:
I was determined because essay and online content were similar to plagiarism because my essay is similar to something on website, so i got. I did not intend to plagiarize. I have misunderstood the plagiarism. I thought that if I used my own words, such as phrase other people’s idea, use my own words and language would not be plagiarism. But my understanding is wrong. I was not trying hard to find source and information for myself. I went online to borrow ideas from others. 

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2.The harm you understand your decision to have caused (to what, to whom)
Not responsible for myself, got caught in plagiarism and had to rewrite the essay and a record will be retained for 5 years.  
To the original source and information author, plagiarized the author’s idea without and citation or notice. 
To my writing class professor, professor Newberry, academic dishonesty, violated her class roles and wasted her time to read an essay that was not totally my own.

3.What you could do that world repair the harm
Spend time and work hard to write my own ideas, looking for resources and brain storming, which could help my learn how to write a better essay
When I have misunderstanding of plagiarism, when I was insure, having difficulty about the essay, I should have ask for advice and ask for help. I should just talk to the professor and ask for her help. It was not worse the risk to ask the professor.
Before making any decision, pause to think another option, ask the people who has the decision-making. 
Always ask before action.

This letter must be a real letter, 
Bt typed with 1 margins , in times, times new roman,
Be at least 2.5 pages double spaced.


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