Survey Report

Requirements for Survey Report
Learning Objectives and Project Overview
This project is Phase 2 of the Survey Project and is based on the survey that you created in Phase 1. In this project, you’ll analyze the responses from your survey and, as a team, prepare a report that presents your findings in words and graphs. Your report will include Excel graphs pertaining to the most significant findings from your survey.
This project consists of a Team Survey Report (preliminary draft and final draft)

The client (real or hypothetical) who commissioned the report
Word Count
Overall word count, 1,500 words.
Structure and Content
Include all of this information in the document.
Opening Statement
What is the Purpose of this Document, Importance of Subject, and your Position (overall recommendation related to overall survey goal).
Methodology, Sources of Data, and Limitations
Describe the goals of the survey, number of questions, brief description of sections, distribution of the survey (to how many people, when, in what manner), and the total number of responses. Address the limitations of your survey based on the distribution method, etc.
Findings and Conclusions
Support your Position by providing information from your section of the survey. Include any relevant demographic information (such as cross-tab analysis). You do not have to cover every response to every question, only the findings that are most significant in terms of your Position and the client’s survey goals. As you present conclusions and recommendations, address at least one anticipated counter-argument.
Visual Data
Include 1 word cloud, accompanied by a discussion of the open-ended comments.
Include 3 graphs that you create in Excel. Design the graphs according to the “storytelling with data” guidelines. Accompany each graph with a discussion of the data.
Closing Statement and Action Program
What steps you advise the audience to take, relevant to the survey goals
The report will be created in Word by using a design that conveys professionalism.
The text will be a readable size. Headings, sub-headings, figure captions, bullets, tables, etc., will be used to ensure a readable and professional design.
 Graphs will be created in Excel and will be designed with “storytelling with data” in mind and will include labels.
Grading Criteria
The report presents and supports a position that is consistent with the assignment scenario. For full points, the report consistently focuses on presenting and supporting a clearly stated position and is tailored to meet goals of the audience.         
The position is fully developed through a specific and insightful discussion of the survey findings. Where applicable, the writer provides statistics that help the reader to make sense of the data.
The writer does not simply string together numbers about the responses but forms conclusions and makes recommendations.
The report follows the required structure, presents the content in well-structured paragraphs, and uses transitional phrases to create smooth flow. For full points, it presents information in a manner that makes it easy for the reader to find, use, and understand. In addition, the design is professional and readable. The graphs follow the “storytelling with data” guidelines and include labels.
Professional Ethos
The tone is characterized by informal yet professional language, active voice, concise sentences, and correct grammar/spelling/word choice; no $20 words and phrases; no wordiness.

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