Suicide and Grief


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Suicide and Grief
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Plagiarism free, APA style is not required but, solid academic writing is expected. Citations and four references should be presented for this assessment. Need back on Tuesday 23, 2018 by 6:30 pm. 

As a mental health worker, you have been assigned the task of presenting, for training purposes, a staff development on assisting families dealing with suicide and grief. (650 words)Please List each questions for this assessment.

Address the following:   


1. Discuss the impact of suicide on the family system:

a. Parents – When a child commits suicide, how does it affect the parents?

b. Siblings – How are siblings affected by the suicide of a family member?

c. Grandparents – How do grandparents handle the suicide of a family member?

d. Friends and community – How does suicide impact the community and friends of the family dealing with loss? 

2. Explain how mental health workers can prepare to assist families dealing with the following:

a. A teenager who is thinking about committing suicide

b. A woman with small children who has just lost her husband to suicide

c. An elderly male client who is dying of cancer and wants to overdose on sedatives to end his misery and spare his wife any more pain.

3. Recommend resources (websites and other local resources) that mental health workers in your agency can use to assist families dealing with suicide and grief. 

4. Lastly, address the significance of cultural competency when dealing with various religious and social views about suicide and assisted suicide.

a. Examine philosophical arguments and perspectives on suicide of different world religions.

b. Explain why it is important for mental health workers to understand the different cultural views on suicide and assisted suicide. 



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