Success In Modern Bodybuilding EPQ Project Report

Female bodybuilding has risen in popularity, but due to a lack of research and the small size of this project, only male competitors will be addressed. The purpose of this project is to provide readers with the details on what they can do to become a successful bodybuilder. Due to personal interest in the sport the hope is to expand personal knowledge and to share this. My opinion on the research is distinguished in the text; it is presented in italics so it stands out. Readers should be open-minded and draw their own conclusions, as bodybuilding is subjective and there are many debates, it is p to individuals to understand themselves.
Former BIBB Pro bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman (pictured above) 1 Diet – A bodybuilders diet stimulates muscle grog. N/the and recovery. Typically, bodybuilders take in frequent meals in small portions to constantly feed muscles. Jay Cutler recommends “eight meals a day’ but sometimes he would have more. The following sections will focus on off-season bodybuilding. Protein: “Protein is extremely essential… ” 3 This phrase sums up the popular view on protein. It’s been shown protein enhances the body ability to send vital muscle-building nutrients to damaged muscles.
This process helps muscles recover and grow. Leman et al. (1992) recommends 0. Egg/Bib. Of protein per day based on a study where no contrasts in muscle mass were present in subjects on 0. Egg/lb. Or 1. Egg/lb. 4 over a 4-week period. The figures are debated with some bodybuilders taking up to g/Bib. But realistically that is an unnecessary amount and the studies are inevitably correct. Carbohydrates: Charles Lambert found anyone in bodybuilding should have around 55-60% of his or her diet as carbohydrates (carobs). 5 This is because carobs are our main source of energy.

The body breaks carobs down so that they can be used or energy. Therefore, they prove as key for workouts and putting on mass due to the filling quality. Within the bodybuilding community it’s widely agreed that carobs should be the highest consumed encountering in the diet. Absentmindedness recommends that egg over bodyweight in pounds of clean carobs should be taken in per day 6 this would include foods such as brown rice, which is considered a ‘good crab’. Bodybuilders steer clear of ‘bad carobs’ which consist of foods such as white bread, which the body digests quickly.
The original terms are complex and simple carobs. It’s impossible to agrees that good carobs’ are better, but having a diet full of them is a step too far, occasionally have a few ‘bad carobs’. Bodybuilding encourages everything in moderation. Fats: “In order to gain mass… You need to be in a caloric surplus”. 7 Fats are argued to be essential to bodybuilders. As the quote says, you must eat more than what is needed to gain muscle. Fats help our body function and contain nine calories per gram. So, they give plenty of calories, and ensure the body can carry out the processes for muscle growth.
The ‘Men’s health natural bodybuilding Bible’ 8 states the key fats to incorporate into a diet are mega-3 and omega-6, as they are most vital in body functions, as well as helping joints. 9 Other foods: “Steady water intake keeps nutrients moving in your bloodstream and into muscle cells. ” 10 Within bodybuilding it is vital to keep hydrated because, as shown by the quote it promotes growth. Muscles feed upon nutrients to grow and recover. Therefore, water enhances this process and allows for greater muscle growth. ‘Obsolescing. Com’ recommends that bodybuilders take in 1-2 gallons of water per day. 1 But, don’t drink too much; flooding your cells is dangerous. A part of bodybuilding nutrition is also vitamins and minerals. Many agree that the addition of such microinstructions are essential for making progress and figures like Ronnie Coleman (Appendix 3) have created their own brand of multivitamins and minerals. They certainly aren’t essential; people like Coleman who have retired have best interests in profit. If you can afford them, then its good, but foods are just as good. 12 Overall, its clear nutrition is one of the most important factors in attaining success.
Whilst the intake of microinstructions in terms of amount is often debated, there is no doubt that as a whole, bodybuilding success is largely reliant on nutrition. A lot of people consider nutrition as a difficult topic. Facts are that it’s not, just get enough protein in your diet, add plenty of good carobs and occasionally have some fats. Rest – Sleep: It’s been shown whilst we sleep, we enter our greatest anabolic state. Human growth hormone is released at the fastest rate whilst sleeping. Thus, it is the best time for muscle to grow and repair. It is one of the only times that muscle can grow as it is rare we enter an anabolic state.
Dry. Felicia Stoles states, “You give your body the chance to repair, recharge, and regret… ” 13 So sleep is the only way we can build substantial amounts of muscle. The same argument follows that if sleep allows for the longest anabolic State, then one should utilities that Breed Bernstein recommends 7-8 hours sleep for the average person, but to also have short naps where possible and extend sleep. 14 In reality you probably get less than the recommended hours because of school, work or other things in your life. So don’t feel you must get exactly eight hours, just have little naps for sleep that you miss.
Rest between workouts: Rest is also taken between workouts. When working out muscle fibers break down and this can cause delayed onset muscle soreness (DOOMS). Our bodies ill use nutrients to repair muscles, which in turn causes groom as they are repaired bigger. But muscles need time to fully recover before they can be efficiently worked again. ‘Cobol 961’ recommends that after two years of being in the gym, you should only be training each muscle type once a week intensely. He adds anyone under this can target muscles two to three times a week less intensely. 5 Bodybuilders usually train six times a week and use one day as a rest day as muscles can be targeted sufficiently, but also have the chance to recover. Whilst it’s hard to disagree with Scoops, bear in mind even if your muscles are a little sore you can still train them lightly. An interpretation of ‘Cobol 961 ‘s advice -? presented in graph form showing progress is made within the gym up to a certain point. Pictured above 16 Rest between sets: During a workout rest is needed between sets and this can influence the muscle gained. The common goal of a bodybuilder is to build muscle, and when they are cutting it’s to burn fat.
So, the common view held by participants within the sport is that 60-90 seconds break is optimal. For example, Phil Heath (Appendix 4) states rest periods should be between one ND three minutes depending on the intensity of the previous set. 17 Anything above this is geared towards strength as mechanical tension suffers. But if a bodybuilder is cutting they may shorten these rest periods to as low as 30-45 seconds. 18 However, recent research by fitness experts within the field have made changes to several views. Brad Schoenberg and Men Homelands reviewed many studies that focused on rest intervals between working sets.
They concluded “you can self-select a rest period that allows you to exert the needed effort into your next set without compromising hypertrophied results. 19 1 would go the research here; there are very few people who actually count the seconds between sets. Rest is a big debating point in bodybuilding and a lot of research has gone into the topic. In my opinion, you need the correct rest. Sleep is vital; overstraining is a problem one must avoid, and rest between sets must be made appropriate for the individual. I agree with Antonio De Carnival in the belief that rest is one of the key factors for success in bodybuilding.

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Success In Modern Bodybuilding EPQ Project Report
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