Stress Assessment

Stress is a response by the body from demands placed on it and is incorporated into our lifestyle. Stressors come in two forms: eustress, known as good stress, and distress, known as bad stress. Both types of stress can result in a stress response. Stress can impact health and performance. College students are no exception. “About one-third of students who responded to the 2013 National College Health Assessment reported that their stress levels had negatively affected their academic performance,” (Powers & Dodd, 2017, p. 297). For this discussion, you will assess the amount of stress in your life and examine its effects on your health and wellness by completing the following tasks: 

Review the results of the stress test attached and the stress relaxation techniques. Select one of the relaxation techniques that are listed and practice the method.

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Stress Assessment
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In your discussion response, address the following items:

Discuss your results, from the Stress Index Questionnaire, stating your score and stress category. Were you surprised by your score?
Identity at least two of your major stressors impacting your wellness.
Explain which dimensions of wellness are impacted by stress.
Describe the relaxation technique that you tried in your journal.
Do you think the relaxation technique you tried would be effective in reducing your stress level if practiced on a regular basis? Why or why not?
Elaborate on the major health risks and diseases associated with distress. Use a reference to support your comments.

Include one scholarly reference correctly cited to help support your response.


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