Option #1: Diagnostic Model Analysis
Diagnostic models are used by managers and leaders to understand the magnitude of change and the processes and systems that may be impacted by change. By diagnosing an organization, strategies specific to the diagnosis may be selected. Think about the patient that comes in with a sore throat. The doctor runs a battery of tests that indicate that a streptococcus infection exists. The diagnosis has been made and a strong antibiotic is prescribed. Similarly, managers may use a diagnostic model to determine the “battery of tests,” make a diagnosis, and decide on which strategies are relevant to the organization.
Select a diagnostic model identified in the Module 4 lecture or a model of your choice. Write a 3-4-page essay that identifies the model and describes the components of the model and their relationship to each other. Assess whether the diagnostic model that you chose is appropriate for all or any of the types of changes that were discussed in Module 3.
The Checklist-to-Success for this assignment:

Review the grading rubric,      which can be accessed in the Module 4 Materials folder, to thoroughly      understand the expectations for this assignment.
Review proper essay form:      Include an introduction, the body of text, and a conclusion.
Develop a 3-4-page essay      (title and reference pages do not count in the 3-4 page requirement).
Support your major points      with citations from course materials and outside sources. Remember      that you must cite facts and support your ideas and opinions      with credible sources. To complete this assignment,      citation of a minimum of three scholarly references other than the course      textbook is required. 
Your paper should be formatted      with double spacing, citations, title page, reference page, and errorless      APA formatting.

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