Statement of motivation (max. one page, single-spaced)

I am applying for PhD at The Institute for Innovation Management.

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Statement of motivation (max. one page, single-spaced)
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This is Some information from my C.V you may need them:
– FloridaInternationalUniversity. Miami,FL MBA—Master of International Business Jan 2015 – May 2016 GPA: 3.64 out of 4.00 
Relevant Coursework: 
Masters Seminar Management, International Business Environment, Global Financial Strategies, Managing Global Production and Technology, International Marketing, International Business Law, International Business Policy, Accounting for Managers, Real Estate Markets, and Master’s Project in International Business. 
– University of Tampa. Tampa, FL Bachelors of Science in International Business and Management Jan 2011 – May 2014 
GPA: 2.90 out of 4.00 
Relevant Coursework: 
Business Law and Social Responsibility, Art & Science of Negotiation, Human Resource Management, Global Organizational Behavior, International Business, Principles of Marketing, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Practical Strategic Assessment, Financial Management, Principles of Microeconomics and Managerial Statistics. 
– Abqaiq Community College Lecturer at King Faisal University 

Abqaiq, K.S.A Feb 2017 – Present 
Abqaiq, K.S.A
Jan 2004 – Jan 2008 
    

Principles of Management Human Resource Management Human Resources Planning Organizational behavior 
– RHM & Sons Company
Section Manager and Human Resources Supervisor 

  Managed the company’s VIP section/ Project Control Department by reviewing and supervising the progress reports of over 3,000 employees with the help of a VIP team.
  Handled Human Resource issues of more than 3,000 employees.
  Planned and coordinated Aramco group projects in Shybah, Abqaiq, Qatif, and Khursaniyah to
expand the company’s international connections.

Saudi Aramco Company. Dhahran, K.S.A 
Summer B Training. Jul 2016 – Aug2016 

  Personnel department in External Assignment HR Services – Personnel Advisor.
Arabic: Native language. English: Fluent.
  Strong work ethic with success in both teamwork and individual projects.
  Communication.
  Negotiation and persuasion.
  Problem solving.
  Team Leadership.
  Perseverance and motivation.
  Ability to work under pressure.
  Confidence.
  Microsoft office (Word / PowerPoint / Excel).
  Public Speaking.
  Customer Services.

  Member of the Teaching Excellence Award in University of Tampa
  Second Harvest’ of Tampa Bay
  Member of the Student Counseling Club in University of South Florida
  Student Ambassador in University of South Florida
  Attendee at 2016 International Academic Business Conference – Orlando, FL.
  Attendee at 2016 International Education Conference – Orlando, FL
  Member of the Academy Organization
  Member of the Saudis in USA Organization


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