Staff Training

In a 4-5 page white paper

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Staff Training
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Your are writing a white paper for jail staff on the origins of addictions, alcoholism and chemical dependency. This is part of the staff training requirement to be sensitive to the needs of the population that they serve.

Assignment Guidelines


  • Address the following in 4–5 pages
    • Briefly describe and summarize the following with regard to the origins of addictions, alcoholism and chemical dependency:
      • Genetic Predisposition
      • Environmental Issues
      • Psychological Theories
      • Other (select one other theory or explanation for addiction)
    • Next, answer the questions with regard to the four types of explanations listed above:
      • How much research exist for the explanations of the origins of addiction, alcoholism and chemical dependency? Explain.
        • Consider studies conducted in both laboratories as well as social settings.
      • Based on the research you have examined, what seems to be the most prevailing school of thought regarding chemical dependency? Explain.
      • What gaps still exist with regard to the research? Explain.
        • What issues do you feel need to be addressed in order to improve current research? Explain.
    • In 5-7 paragraphs
  • You are working in a rehab facility and a family comes to you for assistance in dealing with their 19 year old son who has recently been charged with felony possession of methamphetamines. They report that his friends recently started a lab to alleviate the poverty in their family. Upon further discussion you find out that there are many relatives in the family with similar problems. However, there are also those who stopped using abruptly and those who have never used at all. You also find out that there is a propensity to mental illness in the family.

    Assignment Guidelines

    • In 5–7 paragraphs, address the following:
      • Given your understanding of genetics and environmental factors, what do you think the core of the problem is with this client? Explain.
      • Do you think his problems are more genetic or environmental in nature? Why?
        • For example, is it peer pressure, ease of access, inquisitiveness, or a genetic predisposition that is driving his behavior? Explain.
      • What is one argument for genetic predisposition that you think best applies to this scenario (you must choose one)? Explain.
      • What is one argument for environmental factors that you think best applies to this scenario (you must choose one)? Explain.



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