Utilizing any available disclosed database for SPSS, develop a researchable set of hypotheses related to the database. Clearly define quantitatively analyzable hypotheses, analyze your data with SPSS, and write up the results in a full quantitative report format. Draw appropriate conclusions about your hypotheses in your writeup. This assignment does not need to be related to any earlier individual projects. This is a standalone assignment. Your paper should include:

Title Page 
Brief introduction to the research      problem or problems – State your research questions and hypotheses within      this section but you do not have to develop a literature review.
Methods – You will not generally      have access to the methodology used to acquire the data you have chosen      but should use your early SPSS programs to determine a variety of      information about your subjects. Explain the details of the variables you      have selected to examine. Indicate the statistical test or tests you used      to make your inferences about your hypotheses.
Results – Include key graphs from      your SPSS output. Follow APA format when citing statistical results and      presenting figures or tables. 
Discussion and Conclusion

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Make sure you submit your SPSS output file in addition to the report in a Word document. 


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