Speech communication

Dressing for Success can be a tricky business. Depending upon the workplace dress code and cultural norms, dressing for success can mean a lot of different things. If a nurse showed up to a shift in heels and skirt with a suit jacket, that nurse would not be dressed for success. If a construction worker wore a dry-cleaned trousers and wing-tip shiny shoes to a construction site, that worker would likely be dismissed for the day! Conversely if a lawyer showed up to court wearing scrubs or an orange vest and a helmet, the lawyer might not be taken seriously by the judge or jury.

Read pages 94-107 of your textbook, Communicating at Work (Nonverbal Communication section—end of chapter).

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Speech communication
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Answer the following questions using complete sentences, edited to reflect college-level writing and professionalism:

Why is appearance important in the workplace?
What is the difference between casual, business casual, and business professional attire? Give examples.
Consider the job you want in the future (the career you are aiming for, not an hourly job while you’re still in college). Research online and report what kind of dress code is typically expected for that career position and why.
Find a picture example of what you might wear to that job on a daily basis. Save that picture to your computer/device. Insert the picture into the discussion board post. If you need help doing this step of the assignment, watch this video.
Read your classmates’ posts and comment on something you found surprising, learned from reading/viewing their post, agree, or disagree with and why.

The answer to each question is worth 5 points for accuracy of answer, descriptiveness, clarity, college-level writing, and thoroughness.


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