The purpose of this speech is to commemorate someone using one of two speech genres. You will between two and three minutes to honor someone through a toast or a eulogy.
If you choose a toast, pretend one of your friends is getting married. Raise a glass and tell stories that honor the couple and the choice to get married. You should bring in a beverage and cups so everyone in the audience can raise their glass to the happy couple.

In writing your speech, adhere to the following rules:

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The speech does not have to follow an outline, but, rather, should follow a narrative organizational pattern. In other words, you should tell a story. The organization should, however, make sense and be easy to follow.
Use Chapter 13 in your course textbook as a guide for writing your speech. The text has lots of good tips for writing these speeches.
The speech should have authenticity. Think about how you will convey appropriate emotions through your vocal variety, pitch, and tone of voice, pace and rhythm, and volume. Also, consider appropriate body language.
You must perform the speech in front of an audience of at least 5 people. The people must be shown on the video at both the beginning and end of the speech. Do not splice the video or alter it in any way to make it seem as if you have an audience when you don’t. Failure to display your audience both at the beginning and end of your speech will result in a reduction in the speech grade.
This is a formal speech. You should dress appropriately and stand while delivering your speech. I should be able to see your whole body while performing your speech.


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