Speech 1311 Chapter 14 – Persuasive Speech Evaluation

Extra Credit! Chapter 14 – Persuasive Speech Evaluation
Evalaute a Persuasive Speech (Ted Talk) and earn up to 35 points. 
Extra Credit -Chapter 14 Persuasive Speech Critique
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Extra Credit Assignment:  Persuasive Speech Evaluation

Watch Video
Watch Video
Try something new for 30 days – Matt Cutts
Duration: 3:28
User: n/a – Added: 4/5/13

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Speech 1311 Chapter 14 – Persuasive Speech Evaluation
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Chapter 14 Learning Objective:    14:3  Apply the guidelines for persuasive speaking to a speech you will review.  

 The Ted Talk for this assignment is entitled:  “Try Something New” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNP03fDSj1U by Matt Cutts. This Ted Talk is just 3:27 minutes in length.


 Watch the video without anything in front you.  Simply enjoy Matt’s Ted Talk!   
Use the attached Speech Evaluation Sheet and watch the video again.  As you watch the speech, you will grade the elements under each Speech Goal.  You will place a check mark in each box on a scale of 1 to 5.  The points explanation for each box is below:   
Points Explanation:

1 – (Incoherent) – the element is not present in the speech

2 – (Poor) – the element is unclear

3 – (Fair) – the element is present and somewhat clear but could be improved

4 – (Good) – the element is present, clear, and meets the expectations

5 – (Excellent) – the element is not only present and clear, but also exceeds expectations


You can make comments in the “comments box” to the right of each element.

 Give Matt a grade (A, B,C,D, or F) for this speech and explain why you awarded the grade.
Answer the two questions at the bottom of the Evaluation Sheet relating to Matt’s speech. 
Note:  You will be awarded up to 35 points based on how thoroughly and insightfully you evaluate the presentation.   The completed Speech Evaluation Rubric is worth 25 points and the questions that follow are worth 5 points each.


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