SPCH 100

For this part of the final exam, reflect upon your experience i

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SPCH 100
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SPCH 100 and determine the three most significant things that you have learned 

about oral communication as a result of this course.  

Once you have determined these three points, write a 2-3 page essay that 

explains the three significant things that you have learned.  Your essay should

use paragraphs effectively to organize your ideas into a logical and 

coherent structure


To organize

and develop your essay properly, you should ensure that your essay has the three key parts: 

introduction, body, and conclusion.  Open your essay with an effective introductory paragraph that establishes your topic and sets up the body of the essay.  Develop the body of the essay with three paragraphs, each focusing on one of your three points in a unified manner.  To support each of these points, you should cite specific examples from your experiences in this course.  

Close your essay with a concluding paragraph that works with your introduction to frame the body and emphasize your controlling idea.

Grading Criteria

The essay has an effective introductory paragraph that gives the essay a clear sense of purpose and helps it to maintain a unified focus.  To be effective, the introductory paragraph must capture the reader’s attention in an engaging manner, establish the topic and thesis of the essay, and preview the supporting points—clearly presenting each of the points as an equal component of the essay.  

Each paragraph in the body opens with a formal topic sentence that clearly introduces its point, provides supporting details that explain the point in a unified, coherent, and complete manner, and closes with a concluding sentence that reemphasizes the point.  Each of the body paragraphs is developed in a balanced and consistent manner.  

The essay will have an effective concluding paragraph that gives the essay a sense of completion and that works with the introduction to emphasize the thesis.

All of the parts of the essay

—the introduction, body, and conclusion

—work together to form an essay that is unified, coherent, and complete.

The essay must be presented neatly in the proper format and be free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Formatting and Submitting the Assignment

The essay should be 2-3 pages in length, typed double-spaced with standard margins and font size (10 or 12), and each paragraph should be indented properly.


Your name and page number should appear in a header at the top right-hand corner of the page.


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