Space Exploration Persuasive Essay

From technological advancements to discoveries of new life, space exploration has led to much advancement, including ones that we use in our daily lives. An example would be those comfortable beds that are made of memory foam. Unlocking the mysteries of what’s beyond or planet is the solution to many problems we have here on earth. The possibility of finding new resources and life in space, overpopulation on planet earth and finding a new source of fuel are just a few of many reasons to encourage space exploration.
Planet earth is slowly becoming more crowded every year, China has even started to limit the number of children parents are allowed to have. If this continues and all countries start to limit kids, there are just a few generations of having siblings left, us being one of the last. The only positive solution to this problem is to find another planet to colonize. Colonization of another planet is only possible through space exploration. “Every 20 minutes, the human population grows by about 3,000” (Saracino, 1). At this rate “the global population will reach about eight billion by 2030” (Wise 1).
Next thing you know, people will be moving in with the penguins in Antarctica or up in the North Pole with Santa clause. I agree that limiting kids can help with this problem but it isn’t a permanent, or at even a long term solution. The sooner we begin to support more space exploration, the sooner we will find out about other planets. If airplanes weren’t fascinating enough, imagine how fascinating it would be to visit family and friends that are literally out of this world. I understand that this sounds outrageous, but it is possible.

Along with the population of earth increasing, earth is also running out of natural resources such as water, oil and coal. Not concerned yet? Earth is also running out of Gold, Diamond, Silver and even food. Now that we know the problem, lets come up with a solution. “Everything we hold of value on Earth — metals, minerals, energy, water, real estate — is literally in near-infinite quantities in space” (Diamandis 1). Near-earth asteroids are abbreviated NEA’s, they are basically asteroids that are closer to earth than ones on the asteroid belt.
NEA’s are filled with a liquid that is very similar to water. This “water found on the NEAs could be broken down into hydrogen for fuel and oxygen for breathing to extend future space travel” (EnergyDigital). If asteroids alone contain resources, conceptualize what resources would be available of planets in different temperatures. It is also true that resources would be available underwater on planet earth, but it is impossible to find liquid resources underwater, resulting in not substitute for fuel.
If you don’t believe me about resources in space, let me just tell you that “diamonds are literally raining down on Neptune” (Rist, Curtis. “Neptune rising. ” Discover. September 2012. Print). There are also rumors that there is a planet made of diamond in our solar system. Space exploration has caused lots of new inventions that are very useful to society and are a part of our daily lives. Invisible braces, scratch resistant lens, cordless tools, shoe insoles are all inventions that were first used to on a rocket to get to space.
Space exploration is being overlooked lately and that’s why another everyday invention hasn’t been invented recently. If you don’t believe that those inventions listed earlier are important, then let me tell you this, think about your cell phone, feature like texting, cameras, long distance calling and mobile network wouldn’t be possible without NASA. More space exploration will lead to more everyday inventions because rockets are always getting better and more reliable. NASA believes that in the process of space exploration, they will discover a new source of fuel to replace oil.
Many people believe that space exploration is a waste of money because it cost a ridicules amount of money. This is not true, the most NASA has ever received from the federal government was fourteen billion dollars in the year 1999. That may sound like a lot but its only 5. 5% of the federal budget, “Microsoft’s corporate revenues in 1999 were roughly the same as NASA’s budget that year” (“NASA’s budget in perspective” 50). In the U. S, NASA is receiving “the smallest budget of any major agency” (Adamu, 2). So as you can see, it really isn’t that much at all.
Space exploration has helped the world with health and medicine advancements. “In the 1960s, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory created digital image processing” (Adamu, 1). Digital image processing is now used to enhance images of organs in humans to find out if they are functioning right or not. In the medicine field, Dan Carter “discovered that space-produced crystal could be used to make the atomic components of albumin […] an essential human protein” (Adamu, 1). Why was this so important? Albumin “helped lead to the development of a cancer drug combination approach and skin care products” (Schrenk, 3).
Space exploration has helped lead to advancement in our health industries to promote a healthy life without even knowing it. It is very possible for Space exploration to discover a cure for the deadly disease, cancer. Many children, including me, were inspired to become a scientist, engineer or astronaut when Space exploration was popular and continuously in the news. Pictures that are taken of planets, and videos of astronauts in space are enough to inspire a child and make him/her want to be like that someday. Space exploration also helps the environment.
Satellites help us understand our atmosphere and the reactions of our environment to the sun. Satellites also help forecast weather conditions because it shows the movement of clouds and temperature. There are many questions about aliens. What if aliens cause a war between planets? What if aliens invade earth? How do we communicate with aliens? But the real question is that do Aliens even exist? Or are our human imaginations just making them up? It’s impossible for us to find out unless we support more space exploration.
Many question about aliens are questioning how bad aliens would be, but how about asking how good they would be. Do they know or have a cure for cancer? What resources do they live on? I personally think that aliens do exist but we never really know until we have proof. With all this information, how can anyone be against space exploration? We have many reasons to thank space exploration. The U. S especially has reduced funding for space exploration, which causes NASA to not have the money to go on new space missions.
Even with a limited budget, “President Obama emphasized at a 2010 conference at the Kennedy Space Center that space exploration has been key to America’s position as a world leader” (Birch 1). The universe is huge, and compared to it earth is the size of an atom only uneducated people who don’t do research oppose exploration of space. Overcrowded earth, running out of resources, new technologies is major reasons to start unlocking secrets of the universe. So start spreading the word! Contact congress and tell them to keep NASA and don’t sell it to another country. You can get the discussion going on Facebook or twitter or start a blog.

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