Southern Comfort

SO-199-01 Southern Comfort How did the movie made me feel? It was a warm feeling. The first ten minutes of the video showed this close knit family eating outside and that alone I admired. And I when I found out that his connection to his “chosen family” was so strong to come to his aid when he woke up in a pool of his own blood I began to admire the family even more. I assumed that that the life of a transgender person was hard. That was a given because it is human nature to fear or to hate what people do not understand. But I general broad scope of how hard it was. I never thought a trans-person could be denied service from a doctor.
The film challenged me to really think about the social constructs that society built around the term man and woman. I still find it hard to see differently because I feel it is engrained into me to think otherwise. And honestly, the more think about it the more frustrating it is because each day I discover subtle things like blue blankets and pink blankets for newborn boys and girls respectively that I never thought about. Which cause me to think ask a friend what exactly is a woman and man? A friend, replies with woman are capable of having children and then I responded by saying females can produce offspring.
Manny and I couldn’t come to a clear a definition for the term “woman” or “man”. I liked how Robert stated it not between your legs that define you, but how you feel in your head and heart. I noticed that Robert’s son mixed his pronouns when he was talking about him. I also had trouble with keeping the pronouns correct, not during the movie but writing my reflection. I liked the movie overall because I believe the message was to let people know that it is up to us, as individuals, to be more open to the idea that our bodies do not label us as men or women. Our thoughts and our feelings do that.

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Southern Comfort
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