Solution Pro: Week 8 Assignments

First Draft Project. (This assignment has to be 5-6 pages long). For this assignment the company again is Starbucks!!

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Solution Pro: Week 8 Assignments
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The project for this course is the creation of an Action Plan that evaluates all aspects of utilizing social media in your company processes. In this Action Plan, you must selectively integrate those elements appropriate to your industry and company into your marketing strategy. Remember, the idea is not to include every platform, tool, and metric into your plan. Instead, you should carefully evaluate a wide range of approaches, tools, and metrics and incorporate only those elements that align with your company mission, objectives, products, and resources.




Your Action Plan will have the following elements:


I. Cover Page


II. Executive Summary/Abstractthis section should briefly summarize (150–250 words) your Action Plan


III. Introduction


  • Provide brief background on the company.

  • Discuss the company’s mission and objectives.

  • Briefly describe the company’s existing social media strategy, if any.


IV. Approach


Goals and Objectives


  • Discuss your proposed social media objectives and how they relate and will align with overall business objectives. Evaluate your business objectives, and research how your social media initiatives will align with these objectives.

  • Discuss how your analysis helped you identify the best market opportunity to align with your business objectives.

  • Define your social media strategy goals.

  • Conduct a SWOT/TWOS Analysis.

  • What criteria did you use to translate your business goals and objectives into specific social media initiatives?




7-3 Short Paper: Measurement and Metrics (this assignment only has to be 3-4 pages long)




As stated in previous modules, a business objective is critical in evaluating the impact of your social media goals. Citing the goal or initiative you established after selecting a business objective, discuss:


  1. How Google Analytics and one other tool of your choice would be used to monitor and drive this initiative

  2. What metrics you would expect this application or tool to yield

  3. How this metric or metrics support(s) your original business objective






8-2 Presentation: SEO and Improving Site Traffic (between 10-12 PowerPoint slides)


Provide for several recommendations to drive traffic to the company’s blog and the primary website. Discuss your selection for an SEO method and provide data to support your choice. This method can also be used in your final project.

Then provide a “how to” and “best practices” on SEO. You must include details on both the social media marketing and technical components behind SEO. Your final presentation should be 10–12 slides.




8-1: Class Discussion ( this assignment only has to be half a page long)


Provide an example (it can be a positive or negative example) of how social media usage enhances SEO efforts. What were the most relevant factors in shaping this effort?





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