SOK1 _2_Cultural Competence

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SOK1 _2_Cultural Competence
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Actual Case and other Sources are Uploaded for Review/Use. Look for them in the uploads, th Links may, or may not work for you. Please before excepting this, or othe assignments from me be sure you understand requirements. inbox me if you have any questions.

APA 2 Page Plus Reference Page

By DUE THURSDAY 4/7/16 by 8pm New York Time Using the Uploaded Resources in the in-text citations and References.

Discussion 2: Cultural Competence

The term cultural competence denotes an integrative perspective on the cultures of other people. Individuals displaying higher levels of cultural competency tend not to promote their culture over others or vice versa—they instead demonstrate an interest in learning more about the customs, habits, and behaviors of those whose backgrounds are different from their own.

For this Discussion, review one of the case studies in the Readings and consider your knowledge of the client’s culture.

Submit a By THURSDAY 8pm New york Time a description 2 a Page a description of your level of familiarity with the culture of the client. Describe at least two additional pieces of information you would need to gather from the client in order to best assist him or her.

Be Sure to Use Proper APA formating, Reference Page and in-Text Citations

References/Paper Resources


·         O’Brien, M. (2011). Equality and fairness: Linking social justice and social work practice. Journal of Social Work, 11(2), 143–158.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


Willoughby, B. (2005). Responding to everyday bigotry. Speak up! Southern Poverty Law Center. Retrieved from:


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