sociology research paper

The Cons of GMO
GMO has been a very controversial topic for many years. Since 1994, they are very similar to the genetic engineering in the way they are produced. The technique is improving the production of crops and food quality in many efficient way. Some people think there are many benefits of genetically modified food, but there are still some drawbacks that are present. First, GMO is can cause allergy reaction on people, according to the research by Brown University, GMO has higher chance to make allergy risks than organic food. The mix of protein in genetic food is a big issue that is causing people allergy. The plants and food, which are indigenous can also cause people new allergy reactions.
Second, GMO could lead to lower level of biodiversity. When we remove the pest from the crops, we also removed valuable nutrition and food source. Furthermore, GMO is also harm some organisms in ecosystems, some genetically modified crops could break or destroy the balance of nature, in addition the some GMO foods has antibiotic feature which is also harm for the body. GMO’s antibiotic can  remain in our body and tack the immune system. In my opinion, GMO has more disadvantage side than advantage. If organic food can provide us enough nutrition why would we choose GMO?
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sociology research paper
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