Sociology of Global Health

 For each question, please type out your answers in a Word file. You must use 11 fonts and Times New Roman. The document must be double spaced. Your typed document must a full 3 pages long for all questions answered. Your submitted work cannot be less than or greater than three pages. 

1) Chapter 11. Page 308 Question 9. 
What could be done to reduce the burden of mental health conditions among adolescents? 
2) Chapter 12 Page 359 Questions 4 & 9. 
In sub-Saharan Africa, what would be the most cost-effective measures to try to prevent further transmission of the HIV virus? What approach would you take to prevention in South Asia, and why would it differ from what you would do in sub-Saharan Africa? 
Why is it important to develop a vaccine for HIV? 
3) Chapter 13 Page 399 Questions 7 & 9. 
Why are mental disorders so important to the burden of disease if so few people die of them? 
What lessons of Uganda’s approach to mental health concerns are important for other resourcepoor countries? 
4) Chapter 5 Page 140 Questions 3 & 4. 
What are primary, secondary and tertiary health care, and what services are generally rendered at each level? 
How might one compare and contrast the organization of the healthcare systems of the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States? 

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Sociology of Global Health
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