Social work Discussion Question (No plagiarism Plz) Due Monday 10pm EST

Generalist Intervention Model
In social work it is important that we maintain the strengths-based perspective and consistently apply the generalist intervention model. This model allows us to view a client through the micro, mezzo, and macro setting. Please analyze and apply the generalist intervention model to one of the scenarios below. Start by reviewing the cases.
The Case of Mary Melody
Mary Melody is a 40-year-old married woman with two children, ages 19 and 17. “I’ve been sad for most of my life. You might say I’ve had the “blues” for as long as I can remember. I’ve been thinking of suicide on and off since I was 16 years old,” she said. Mary goes on to say that she hates everything about herself: how she looks, how she talks, and how she acts around other people. She feels most comfortable in her room curled up in bed with the shades drawn and the lights out. “My kids are grown and they really don’t need me. You might say my work in that department is done. They turned out okay but I just feel really hopeless, now that the factory has closed, I don’t have much of a purpose” she adds.
The Case of Nellie Bowman
Nellie Bowman starts her conversation with you by stating, “You know, I’ve lived a pretty normal life. Of course I’ve had the usual ups and downs. Everybody has . .. I guess. Then it happened. One night after the tornado, out of the blue I woke up and had this vague feeling of apprehension. All of a sudden my heart started pounding. Like I was having a heart attack. I started sweating and my chest hurt something awful. Right these and then I thought I was dying. It was really weird. I ran to my younger sister’s room but felt like I was moving in slow motion. It was like I was detached from the whole thing. Right away she called the ambulance. When they checked me out at the hospital the docs said I was just fine. Now I’m a little scared to be by myself for too long. Good thing I have my sister. I’m afraid it might happen again.”
For your discussion post:
1. Identify the case you are reviewing and the diagnosis you would provide to either Nellie or Mary.
2. Provide your rationale for the diagnosis.
3. Discuss an intervention plan using the generalist intervention model that addresses the micro, mezzo, and macro system. What kind of therapy would you provide this client, what kind of intervention would you provide for the family, and the community?

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Social work Discussion Question (No plagiarism Plz) Due Monday 10pm EST
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