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You will need access to Netflix to watch the film for this assignment.

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social pro 2
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Watch the film “13th”, and respond to the following questions.

These articles will be helpful for you in answering the final question of the assignment:

  1. Give a brief synopsis of the history and current state of race in the United States
  2. Often times it is argued that with the President of the United States being a Black man, we no longer have a race problem in America. After watching the film and reading the article(s), what is your sociological response to the assertion that we no longer have a race problem in America? (sociological in terms of the type of analysis – analysis based on information (from the material, videos etc.) not your opinion)
  3. Define institutional racial discrimination and discuss 2 facets of our society that this practice is evident, e.g. The criminal justice system, housing industry, etc. How exactly does a person’s race affect their access to resources (like education, healthcare, housing or high paying jobs) or the way they are treated in general and in specific areas of our society like the criminal justice system?

Your response should be 2-3 pages, 12 point font, double spaced. Please attached this sheet to the assignment.


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