Social Ethics of Medicine

Take notes as you view the following thought-provoking videos, using the pause button when needed. Select two or three ideas that struck you as being particularly interesting or important. In your first sentence identify the points you will discuss. Then thoughtfully discuss the points that you selected. You Assignment submission must be between 20 sentences and be carefully proofread so as to identify and correct any careless errors in spelling, grammar, and proper writing mechanics. Please feel free to incorporate material from any links provided for a particular issue.

Hardest Decisions-Resource Allocation-Ethical Justification  part 1 (10:32)

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Social Ethics of Medicine
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The Most Difficult Healthcare Decisions: Part 2 (9:59)

The Most Difficult Healthcare Decisions: Part 3 (A)  (6:37)

The Most Difficult Healthcare Decisions: Part 3 (B)  (7:04)


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