This is the final part of your marketing plan. In this section you will be finalizing your market plan. In 2 -3 pages:

Identify four Marketing and Promotion Strategies (i.e., Advertising – Printed media vs. Television advertisements, etc.).

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For each of the strategies, explain the significance to your organization.

Note: The bolded words above should be the section headings in your marketing plan.
After the completion of the final section, your marketing plan content should be between 9 – 13 pages.
Your final marketing plan should include the following:

Title Page

Include the name of the organization and type.

Table of Contents

List all the contents of the marketing plan in the order that they appear, citing relevant page numbers, including appendices if applicable.

Figures and Diagrams

The page number of your SWOT diagram should be listed here. If you used any additional tables, graphs, and/or diagrams, list them on this page citing relevant page numbers.

Cover Letter

This letter (no longer than a page) should form a personalized overview of the document. Highlight areas of the plan that are particularly crucial to the reader, providing an indication of how this plan will help your organization attain overall success in the future.

Contents of Marketing Plan – The following headings and subheadings should be in your final marketing plan:

Geographical Location
Historical Background
Marketing Goals & Objectives
Market Analysis
Environment Analysis

Political & Legal
Social & Cultural

Consumer Analysis


Marketing & Promotion Strategies

The final section of your Marketing Plan should be your Reference Page.
SLP Assignment Expectations

Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your response/position.
Your final Marketing Plan should be between 14 -18 pages, including the sections mentioned above and your reference page.
The final Marketing Plan should have a minimum of 6 references.
Use the following source for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals:
You may use the following source to assist in formatting your assignment:


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