Should employers ban social media use in the workplaces?

Relevance: Argumentative writing (and speaking, for that matter) is a foundation of higher level education. For this class, you will write your own position essay on a topic listed below or a topic that you get approved by me. This essay emphasizes a focus on logic and sound reasoning; then it uses that reasoning to build an argument which defends a position on an issue. This essay is considered logical due to the type of reasoning, the evidence, the considerate and carefully chosen language, and the inclusion of a counterargument and rebuttal. In many future college classes, you will be asked to craft an argument essay; although, at times, your argument will be blended with other patterns of writing, such as compare/contrast or cause/effect.

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Should employers ban social media use in the workplaces?
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Assignment: For this essay, you need to write a 1000- to 1200-word argumentative essay. You may write your essay on one of the topics below OR on another topic that interests you, provided you get permission from me to write on that topic. (Email me with your topic idea.) In your essay, you need at least three embedded (or parenthetical) citations from at least three different sources. (Ideally, at least two of your citations would represent the side or position you are arguing while the other citation would be used in your counterargument/refutation part in which acknowledge and then refute a key point from the other side (or position) of the argument.) You are welcome to include more citations and sources; however, make sure at least three of your sources are from the databases. 

In addition, you will need to include a Works Cited page as well that includes the complete bibliographic information for your sources that cited in the paper. Moreover, remember that while this paper should use evidence from sources to support and build some of your main points of argument, it should also have your own ideas and thoughts on the issue (without using 1st person– “I”).


  • No contractions
  • No 1st or 2nd person
  • Clear thesis statement that is debatable and clearly represents your position on the subject
  • Multiple points or evidence that prove your argument through the use of ethos, logos, and pathos (Do not mention those words though as you are not analyzing the argument this time; instead, you are creating the argument.)
  • Include the counterargument’s key point(s) and a rebuttal to those points

Topic choices:  Each of the five topics listed below have two articles that support one side of the issue and two articles that support another side of the issue. Because it is best to know the other side’s argument so you can explain and rebut their key point(s), I strongly recommend that you read all the articles mentioned related to your topic.


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