short research essay about stegosaurus around 350 words.

This chapter should describe evidence for the lifestyle/ behavior of your dinosaur and/or dinosaurs in the same clade as your dinosaur. Evidence for lifestyle and behavior may be derived from skeletal remains, preserved soft parts, and trace fossils. Things to discuss in this chapter might include: offensive and/or defensive strategies, food gathering/processing, reproduction/child rearing, migration, social interactions, metabolism, movement (speed, style), etc…

1.In two or more paragraphs, describe at least two lines of evidence that illuminate the behavior/lifestyle of your dinosaur or dinosaur clade. If there are any controversies about identification, problems with preservation, etc… please include that information too. Cite at least two scientific references in these paragraphs.
2.Attach (either physically or by embedding electronically) at least two figures that illustrate your dinosaur’s behavior/lifestyle. Figures must have unique numbers, captions, reference citations, and must be cited somewhere in your text. These figures should be derived from scientific sources (not Wikipedia or DeviantArt)

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short research essay about stegosaurus around 350 words.
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