short essay history and civil engineering

Pick one of the two topics below and write an essay. It should be 4-5 paragraphs ( MAKE SURE TO HAVE AN INTRODUCTION-BODY-CONCLUSION)

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short essay history and civil engineering
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due March 10 , 2020

Question: Answer one of the following with a well-organized factual essay. Be sure to include both an introduction and conclusion. 


1)Throughout history, civil engineering has responded to society’s highest priorities by erecting monumental structures and innovative works that have endured the ages. In the process, civil engineering knowledge advanced greatly, and civilizations and societies were transformed. Choose from one of the two following eras – Egypt, Rome, and the Early Middle Ages; OR 19th century America. Discuss the social priorities, civil engineering knowledge that emerged in that period and the changes that followed.

2)During the first several weeks of the course we have viewed a number of films on pyramids, Rome, and Gothic cathedrals.  These films often involved historical reconstruction employing both traditional methods and modern scientific techniques to better understand how these structures were built.  Choose two of these films and answer the following questions.  What is the intrinsic value in pursuing these activities? What were the central issues involved, and how were they tested? If applicable, what kinds of tensions and controversies followed amongst the people involved in terms of issues and interdisciplinary perspectives?

These are the films if you want to pick the second topic : 






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