Short Answer Questions

Explain how the poet has explored the importance of community to the sense of belonging.
The poet powerfully explores community to achieving sense of belonging. The use of a personal pronoun in “my village” provides the village context and proves a powerful sense of connection where he belongs. The power of community is highlighted through inclusive pronoun ”our” which connotes ownership and connection to the context. Poet makes clear importance of community to achieving sense of belonging.
Identify two techniques and explain how they convey the importance of family to belonging.

The importance of family to creating a sense of belonging is explored through literary techniques showcased in the magazine cover. On a connotative level the world family reinforces the idea of connection. The magazine’s name “family tree” is a metaphor for connection as trees have branches. The couple in the middle is given salience. The fact that they are kissing implies the importance of relationships and connection. From looking at the miscenscene we can see how the magazine cover portrays the importance of family to belonging.
Analyse how Shona Jones establishes the narrator’s place and her sense of belonging.
The narrator explores the significance of place and its impact on a characters sense of belonging. Interrogative language in “you are married?” is positioning her as the other in this foreign country which is reinforced by her admission of this being a Muslim country. This contributes to her feeling of alienation and lack of connection. In “songs to sing…and they kept me company”, music is personified to keep company. It provides a connection to home. This connection is highlighted by a contrast with disconnection which is reinforced by connotations of homesick. The singing she hears when she is homesick is heard again when she has established a sense of connection in the new country. Reflecting on sound shows the cyclical nature of text and hence the cyclical nature of belonging. It demonstrates that familiarity of place breeds confidence. From the literary techniques in ‘The Singing’ we can see how Jones establishes the narrator’s place and her sense of belonging.

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Short Answer Questions
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