Shakespeare Sonnet Compare and Contrast Essay

Sonnet Compare and Contrast Essay Love can be expressed and described in many different ways. Shakespeare`s sonnets “116” and “18” justify that love has the ability to create extremely powerful feelings between two people, which can help them achieve the ultimate sense of happiness. To that end, when people experience true love they live a more joyful and content life. When a person finds love their lives are filled with joy and pleasure that bring true happiness into ones life.
In sonnet “116”, Shakespeare writes that love should be; “an ever fixed mark, / That looks on tempests and is never shaken,” (lines 4-5). Shakespeare is speaking of a building that could never be destroyed. This quote carries a metaphor within it, by referring to love as a sturdy building. True love should never collapse; it should always hold fast and be strong no matter how dire a situation is. The metaphor also brings to light the idea that love can empower a person by creating a sense of strength and stability in between the two people that share it.
In sonnet “18,” Shakespeare is able to justify that when one is in love, one will always see the beautiful side of the person they admire. This is described in lines 9-10 “[…] thy eternal summer shall not fade, / Nor lose possession of that fair owest;” Shakespeare is comparing a glorious and never ending summer to how a person views their true love. Through the lover’s eye, beauty and youth will never fade. This quote also contains a hyperbole, one cannot be youthful forever, just like summer does not last all year, but in the eyes of those in love beauty doesn’t change and summer doesn’t turn to fall.

One that has experienced true love has a enhanced view on life, and becomes deeply invested into their soul mate. In both poems, Shakespeare declares that when two people are in love, they in turn create deep enthusiasm for another. A person in love see`s eternal beauty in the other. Sonnet “18” compares “thee to a summer`s day? / Though are more lovely and temperate” (lines 1-2). Shakespeare uses a comparison to a beautiful summer day, to explain that a person in love believes that their soul mate is lovelier.
By using an association with something tangible like the warmth and beauty of summer, Shakespeare is able to validate the couples enthusiasm and intensity of feelings for each other. As shown in sonnet “116” metaphors are also used to show love, Lines 4-5 provide an even deeper and more significant meaning for this sonnet. The metaphor makes love seem like an unbreakable structure, one that is built on trust, admiration, and no doubt of wavering feelings. Lines 4-5 contain examples of diction such as, “never,” “shaken,” and “tempest”.
Diction is used in this quote to create a deeper meaning and emphasize on how firm the structure should be. The word “never” gives a sense of confidence that nothing will ever be destroyed and the love will always be the same. Love creates enthusiasm within a person, causing them feel a deep compassion for another, but love also makes a person stronger by guiding them through problematic moments Love should be able to guide people through hard times and support them when they need it most.
The quote in line 2-5 of Sonnet “116” is very metaphorical because the quote implies that love should be strong and will never let a person down no matter how hard the situation is. As Shakespeare said, “Love is not love, Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove,” he refers to love as being something tangible, as a solid unbreakable object. By doing so, he explains that true love cannot just come and go with the tide or the wind but that it is a stable and durable fixture. Love should not only make a person stronger, it should also have the ability of guiding and giving advice to a lover.
In Sonnet “116” line 7, Shakespeare states that love is, “the star to every wandering bark”. This phrase compares the North Star, which is used by different vessels, as a guide to love. The vessel is a lost and hopeless soul but the star is love which helps guide a person to happiness. Once a person finds their rock, they are able to grow and have confidence knowing that they have somebody to support them. Shakespeare`s sonnets “116” and “18” validates that love is a powerful connection between two people.

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