Sex, Lies and Conversation: Why is it Difficult to Communicate?

Sex, Lies and Conversation; Why Is It So Hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other? Question- Is what Tannen says about men’s and women’s communication borne out by your experience? Explain.
Culture What Tannen says about women and men’s communication is true in some cases, but the way I see it, in my experience, as a kid growing up I tend to see my mother taking to my father but my father is sitting there just watching TV, like what Tannen said in the article “Men tend to talk more in public then women but they are less talkative when being home, honestly I tend to be like that to, as what Tannen explains the difference between the communication boys and girl is 100% accurate. Back in elementary school girl would go into their group and tell stories and all that girl stuff and the boys would go play with their group.
But when you look at its how culture presents the difference between sexes, growing up I believe kids were taught to play in a certain way for example girls play with girls and boys play with boys, growing up with this attached in our brain boy go out and do what boys do and girls to, so in a sense when men and women are trying to communicate there is a gap in the relationship, cause a reason for the wife to complain that the husband isn’t like probably because growing up he didn’t have to have talk things out and express how he feel.

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Sex, Lies and Conversation: Why is it Difficult to Communicate?
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