Sense enhancement

Prompt: Choose one of the five special senses (olfaction, gustation, vision, hearing, or equilibrium) to design an enhancement for the special sense you have chosen. Your enhancement may be biological or technological, but you must do research and base it on scientific fact. What does your enhancement do and how does it work?
Part 1: Initial Post (Worth up to 50 points)
· Length: 250-500 words
· You will need to use at least 3 reputable scientific references to support your post (not including your textbook). Reputable sources= peer reviewed scientific journal articles, accredited websites, or books. Google, Wikipedia, etc. are not acceptable sources.
o Your information must be credible, accurate, and well supported by evidence. The best sources of information are the research journals and the books as well as webpages maintained by professional societies and organizations. 
o You must cite all sources. Citation format must be MLA or APA (Visit the Purdue Owl Writing Lab (opens new window) for instructions on proper formatting)
Part 2: Responses (Worth up to 50 points)
Comment on at least 2 classmate’s discussion submissions. 
· Each comment must be 150-200 words!
o 2 Generic replies please

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Sense enhancement
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