Season of Migration to the North, book response 3 pages

Originally published in 1966, Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North is a work of postcolonial fiction that offers “

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Season of Migration to the North, book response 3 pages
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Salih’s novel is a primary source for understanding the period of decolonization following World War II. It shows that the impact of

colonization did not end when colonized people gained their political independence.

For this assignment, please choose a passage or short paragraph (2-4 sentences in total) that you think best captures the novel’s message about how newly independent societies are left to grapple with the legacy of colonialism. Underneath your selected passage, please write a short (approximately 400-500 word) explanation or reflection on why you chose that passage and how it illuminates the novel’s message.

Please cite the page number of your passage, as well as any additional quotations you include in your reflection like this: “Passage or quotation here.” (Salih, 38.)

  • –  Does the passage you have chosen demonstrate that you have read the novel and
    thought about its meaning? Note: I strongly suggest that you avoid choosing a passage from the first or last 5 pages of the novel! If you do, please make sure that your reflection clearly demonstrates that you have also read the middle of the novel!
  • –  Does your explanation/reflection engage with the plot and themes of the novel? Please do not merely summarize the novel or use long, block quotations!

–  Is your reflection mostly free from major grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors? Have you run spelling/grammar check?
Again: DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE THE PLOT OF THE NOVEL. Please think critically about the novel’s themes and ideas. Ask me if you need any clarification.


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