School Counselor Analysis

School Counselor Analysis Siobhan (Sam) Garrett PSY/435 April 17, 2013 Healey Irked Title of Paper In order to do a proper analysis on a school counselor one must know what he or she does on a daily basis. This is to conduct a job analysis for a school counselor and discuss how it will be used within the school system. Next to determine the reliability and validity of the school counselor analysis. Then the performance and appraisal methods that apply to being a counselor will be evaluated. Finally the benefits and vulnerabilities of each performance appraisal method will be explained.
This will provide a full job analysis of a school counselor and what their job entails. Job Analysis For this job one would conduct a job oriented analysis. This is the analysis type that provides the nature of the tasks done on the job (Spector, 2012). The school counselor is there to provide the services that the children need. He or she will provide assessment and screenings, group and individual counseling with school staff, parents, outside agencies, and design remedial education programs (National Association of School Psychologist, 2012).
The counselor is part of the team that decides what the students eligible for appropriate programming, special services, and ad on-going progress. Some of the responsibilities of the school counselor are as follows. Evaluate and screen children and selecting appropriate instruments, writing reports that show the evaluation findings, and administering tests (National Association of School Psychologist, 2012). This helps the funding for the programs. Have a conference or meeting with the staff, parents, or child about the progress he or she is making and say hat kind of material is needed for the betterment of the child’s learning experience. The counselor should always be available to students who really need to speak with her for private matters concerning the welfare of the home and school environment. Provide direct services such as in general education settings, classroom presentations, and adapting materials needed for the student in the classroom (National Association of School Psychologist, 2012). Documents student’s levels of performance and reevaluate as needed to see where the student has gained and where the student still needs work.

Supervise the assigned Para-educators (National Association of School Psychologist, 2012). The counselor must deal with constraints and obstacles positively. He or she must learn to use new performance and approaches in his or her duties. This is just a portion of the requirements of the student counselor. Reliability and Validity The reliability of this information is good because not only did it come from a woman who works as a school counselor it was backed up by information found online and cited so that the information could be looked up and referred to if needed.
The validity of this is also good because it has been documented on many webpages including the N. A. S. P. Therefore it is a valid and reliable source and information from the source. The source has been a school counselor for many years although she will not disclose exactly how many. Performance appraisal methods Some of the objective measures that a school counselor can be appraised with are simple measures. These include showing up for work every day on time with no excuses.
This will result in less missed days which should be rewarded because the less they are absent the more they are able to be there for the students that need them that day. If they are there for the student then the student may not end up missing any days which is also a plus so it has like a snowball effect. Another way is avoiding accidents. By avoiding accidents the school does not have to turn in accidents to insurance companies and has less bills and debts owed out at the end of the year therefore not just helping the counselor know what he or she is dong but also the school itself would benefit from this.
Finally productivity or the number of people the counselor sees and helps on a daily basis. The more students the counselor sees the more of them can get back to their everyday lives and living happy and everyone will leave them alone. This could even result in less bullying in the halls and after school. The ways that the subjective measures of job performance can evaluate ones job performance is in the graphic rating form which assesses individuals on several dimensions of performance. This is like rating your job performance on a scale of one to ten.
The boss may make a performance rating on your job to tell the person how he or she is doing that week. The behavior focused rating scale can be used to focus on ones behavior on the job. If a person has a good attitude then they may get a good behavior score. If he or she has a bad attitude he or she may get a bad rating on the behavior score. This depends on the way the person acts and behaves while doing his or her job. Other members of the staff may also rate ones behavior on the job.
This will help the boss determine if they are getting along with you or if he or she is causing trouble or are not well liked among your fellow employees. They may make observations on ones performance as well. If he or she is doing a good job a terrible job or just a good enough jobs then he or she can be rated on that performance. Benefits and Vulnerabilities. The benefits and vulnerabilities of these can be simple or even drastic. These are more beneficial if one is doing his or her job correctly.
If he or she is doing the job correctly then he or she will get good ratings and be able to have a good score and then job will continue to strive from that person doing it. On the other hand if he or she is not doing a good job the he or she could get bad marks and the job could even suffer from the lack of effort that person is putting into the job. The children could even suffer in this particular job if the job is not done correctly. Another way this could be a bad thing is if a person was to get bad marks but was actually doing a good job.
The people he or she is working with may just have a problem with him or her and could give bad marks because of that. Conclusion In conclusion, a school counselor’s job duties include making sure all of the children who her help and assistance need get it in every aspect of school. This is a reliable and valid source and information because not only did the information come from the subject it also came from several other sources. This person is judged on her performance from day to day not on showing up, looking nice, and being courteous but also on the actual performance itself.
If he or she does her job, looks nice, and keeps the people she works with happy hoe or she should be able to keep the job and make a good living at it. Level three heading. Replace the level three heading with the words for your heading. The heading must be in bold font. References National Association of School Psychologist. (2012). what is a School Psychologist. Retrieved from http://www. nasponline. org/about_sp/whatis. aspx Spector, P. E. (2012). Industrial and organizational psychology: Research and practice (6th Ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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