Scatter plots

The distributions were reviewed comparing the data to see whether men and omen differ in their mean when it comes to their socioeconomic index and their age when their first child was born. It should be noted that each group has a fairly large sample size. Looking at distributions of socioeconomic index (set) by gender, it indicates distributions look similar between men and women. The histograms show that the distributions are not normal, but similar to one another. The same with the box plot. There doesn’t seem to be an issue to run a t-test on these two groups.

The striations are not identical when looking at the respondent’s age when 1st child was born (stranger) by gender. The mean should be an appropriate measure of central tendency, and is lower in females, as seen in the box plot. However, because the distributions are similar enough, the t-test can still be run. Respondent Socioeconomic Index Group Statistics SST. Error Mean Respondent Socioeconomic Index Independent Samples Test Eleven’s Test for Equality of Variances t-test for Equality of Means SST.

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Scatter plots
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