Rhetorical Analysis Responding to a Written Argument 500-750 word essay

Rhetorical Analysis Responding to a Written Argument 500-750 word essay MLA style 8th edition. Must be turnitin enabled no plagiarism.  if you include direct quotations, you should make sure to enclose these in quotation marks and to provide an attributive tag. You should include a Works Cited page that includes the citation for your chosen editorial. 

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Rhetorical Analysis Responding to a Written Argument 500-750 word essay
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Please read directions carefully you must follow. All material will be attached & a sample will be provided. 

The first part of the assignment requires you to find a writing that makes an argument you will choose one of these columnist I have listed then one of their editorials with a debatable claim (choose an argument)


List of Columnists/Editorial Locations


In the introduction, you should introduce the columnist and the editorial. The first sentence of the essay should contain the author’s name (if given), the title of the editorial,  the publication  name, and the author’s main idea. In addition, you should give a brief summary of the passage in the first paragraph. Tell me what claim is being asserted. You also need to include your own thesis and underline it. Your thesis should indicate whether the columnist has effectively presented and supported his/her claim. REMEMBER: I am not asking whether you agree with the columnist. I want you to analyze the effectiveness of his/her argument.

As you plan your essay, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where in the passage is the claim most clearly stated? Where else is it stated?
  • What assumptions is the author making? Are they valid?
  • What support is offered on behalf of the claim?
  • Are the examples relevant, and are they convincing?
  • Are the statistics (if there are any) relevant, accurate, and complete? Do they allow only the interpretation that is offered in the argument?
  • If authorities (experts, other sources) are cited, are they indeed authorities on this topic, and can they be regarded as impartial?
  • Are counter-arguments adequately considered? If so, where?
  • Is there any evidence of dishonesty or of a discreditable attempt to manipulate the reader?
  • Does the author reveal any biases throughout the column?

You do not have to answer each of these questions within your essay; instead, you should select the most relevant questions and respond with your own thoughtful, well-written analysis.


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