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What can you say to persuade them to consider your point of view?

With the concession/refutation paragraph, you show that you are a reasonable, thoughtful person who understands the various sides of the argument, but you also show that in the end your stance is still the best approach to the issue. 

In Hawai’i the government has set in place funds for the growing homeless epidemic issue. They are using it for the wrong reasons. Instead of using the money for housing projects they are using it to build fences to keep the homeless out of the parks at night. The plans for the homeless people is moving at a slow rate and probably will not be in full effect for about another year at least. I understand that proposals take time to go through and be approved, however, the situation will only continue to get worse faster at this slow going rate. I feel that the money already in the surplus should be used to move these people off of the street before the government starts to worry about building fences to keep the homeless out. I think that the government should realize that getting these people off of the street should be first priority instead of fences. Why not focus on helping the needy instead of shaming them and making them suffer longer? The longer these people are on the street the more at risk they are for developing mental health disorders. Placing people on transitioning houses as soon as possible will prevent all of this from occurring.


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