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Question 1-  Negligent Retention means that you have retained the services of an employee when you have reason to believe that his continued employment is not in the best interest of the agency or the general public you serve. How does the issue of “negligent retention” arise? How can you as a Field Training Officer avoid being liable for this type of negligence? 

Question 2-  In defending yourself against a lawsuit charging you with negligent 
training, how do you as the Field Training Officer prove that you have provided adequate training for your trainee? 

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Question 3-   As a Field Training Officer, you are a First Line Supervisor. How can you protect yourself against actions by your trainee that would open you to a suit for failure to supervise or direct? How do you balance the need to protect yourself from this type of liability with the need to allow the trainee to makes some mistakes and to learn from those mistakes? 

Question 4-  A Federal Civil Rights suit requires that the actions giving rise to the suit must be committed “under color of law”. What does this phrase mean? How does it apply to you as a Field Training Officer? 


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