Response #4 RP

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Response #4 RP
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As time goes on, it appears that there are more juveniles committing crimes or being associated with criminal activity in some form or fashion. Some of the evident characteristics of the juveniles involved with criminal activity are low self-esteem, poor decision-making, lack of communication skills, associating with the wrong crowd, and being a member of a dysfunctional family unit.  With the increase of juveniles committing crimes there has been an increase in the types of juvenile diversion, intervention and prevention programs and resources available to assist with the rehabilitation of the juveniles. The ultimate goals of the programs are to help the youth with criminal activity issues and help decrease the chances of the juveniles reoffending. One major to delinquent behavior from our youth in today’s society is lack of knowledge and motivation to do the right things. Parents are the first and primary source to in teaching our children right from wrong I wouldn’t put it all on the parent’s because, the parents can teach what’s right but it’s for the child to take it into perspective and do better. Being a parent always should make sure you teach on education, settings goals and being productive about your actions. Community effort is important as well to help teach the children to be leaders and not followers. When a child is growing up you have to be careful what you let them see and watch because that’s when they pick up on habits and as they get older they will think it’s okay especially if their family has a repetitive reputation of bad habits. Delinquent behavior is something that can be stopped and tamed but, it’s up to us people to want to make a change in today’s time. Remove away guns and weapons open up more community places and safe things for this society to do. Offer something intriguing to the students in schools to help them not be so bored when in school so they want become a statistic and drop out and not be successful.




Muraskin, R, & Roberts, A. R. (2009). Visions for change: Crime and justice in the twenty-first century (5th Ed.). Upper Saddle 

River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall


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