Response #3 NT

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Response #3 NT
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Contemporary Issue – War on Police


We live in a very sensitive time in our country. When the real issue of the desperate need for criminal justice reform and issues of police brutalities and suffering of our minority communities. “The original “Ferguson Effect” was supposed to be attacks on police everywhere, and for months that never happened., ” with this being said,” protests over the death of Freddy Grey turned into rioting; then Baton Rouge, Dallas, Minneapolis, and now Milwaukee.” The former officer, Matthew Braun, discusses the issues that are being addressed to society saying, “the Ferguson incident brought the issues of police racism and brutality to the forefront, and gave birth to the Black Lives Matter movement. It is, unquestionably, the most divisive environment American law enforcement has seen since the Rodney King incident in California in 1991.” He goes on to state that abuse and errors made by the police mistakes cause painful issues to the very fabrication of the country, as they are the ones that are there to protect and serve the people. 

We are seeing our officers fall on almost a weekly basis, this is an issue that needs to be addressed. I am a “law and order” gal and so when I see criminal activity, even though there is a purpose to their criminality, is still a crime when people are being murdered, physically attacked, their businesses destroyed, and yet the police are minimally acting out of legal responsibilities made by politicians without the true interest of the people in the communities safely and liberties. It is very disheartening indeed, as we are one country and attacking each other.  

In conclusion, we have a society that fears the police because they are seeing a more militarized law enforcement, the criminal movements that cause fear in our communities as well, and police that are working in fear and a heightened intensity circumstances as their job is already dangerous.


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