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response 1a
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Based on the demographic information and the student performance data, I have identified specific learning goals for my students.

The class where I am doing my student teaching is very diverse. The performance level of my students varies. There are students that are one or two years above grade level. There are also students that are performing well below grade level. There are four students with an IEP and one student currently receiving instruction under a RTI (Response to Intervention) Tier 2.

Because of the diversity of students, the learning goals that I design have to include different teaching strategies. I also have to differentiate in order to ensure that my students are able to understand and learn new concepts.


Learning Goals


Language Arts

*Student will learn how to use context clues to identify the meaning of unfamiliar words.

*Students will learn how to explain how the central message, lesson, or moral is conveyed through key details in the text, focusing on traditional stories form different cultures



*Students will understand that two fractions are equivalent if they are the same size, cover the same area, or are on the same point on a number line. Recognize and generate equivalent fractions using number lines.

*Students will be able to identify and create equivalent fractions using fractions models and number lines, including those fractions that are greater than or equal to one whole.


To differentiate the lesson, I am going to use manipulatives for Math. I will provide students with direct instruction on reading goals. I will use “I do, you do, we do” when reading different texts.


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